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!discord – Gives discord link.
!hi – Bot says hi!
!bttv – Shows our BTTV emotes.
!lurk – We appreciate you!
!bluesclues – Information on our finding fun stream game!
!battle – Get the link and latest Stream Raiders info!

Sound Affects

!hype – Emoji Spam and hype horns!
!sack – Ode to my boi sack. Smoke weed everyday!
!rumble – Let’s get ready to ruummmbbblleeee!!
!jaws – Jaws theme song. duna duna duna duna!!
!winning – FF7 Victory Fanfare.
!thuglife – That’s the real real Dr Dre eeyyy
!aclue – “A clue a clue!”
!roll – Roll the dice!



Practically born on the Dungeons and Dragons table, and blowing cartridges before I knew how to count to 5. Happy to finally be following my dreams.

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