Sacks World Rust Server Rules

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Welcome to Sacks World!

– Please note the rules –

This server is password protected. If you wish to join, please check

In order to join, you will need to discuss with the mods D20Lady, Andastari, or Sacksplatter.

You must be following Sacksplatter on twitch, this is just to verify who you are.

You are not required to sub, tip, or cheer, this is a server for fun.

Your first 2 spawns you will be given a kit to help get started.

The main thing is, don’t be a jerk and have fun!


Remember, your tool cupboard is your BIGGEST vulnerability. PLEASE PROTECT THIS!! Make sure to lock your tool cupboard so that no one can authorize themselves without permission.

– PVP Conditions –

PVP is the default, B1 to I11 is PVE only zones, L4 to M5 is also a PVE only zone.

You are unable to PVP within these zones. Anything within the PVE zones are off-limits to PVP conduct.

Attempts to grief will be responded to with swift and decisive action.

Leaving the PVP zone during combat does not protect you, you will still be engaged in the PVP battle, so please note this when you enter the PVP zones.



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